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Why not become a part of one of the UK’s biggest and most successful direct selling companies? With Betterware you will become your own boss, you can work from home and you’ll be in control of your own business and earnings. The flexibility it offers means you decide what hours you work and how you fit your business around your family life, existing commitments or any another job, allowing you to earn additional income for your home.


You will receive full support and training as well as exclusive access to the Betterware Hub – a hive of information, tools and tips from people already running their own Betterware businesses, to help you achieve the level of earnings you want as quickly as possible.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and your only investment is your time!

"My wife is a nurse and when our two kids were young I decided to be the stay at home Dad.  I took on the Distributor role part time, because it meant I had the flexibility to work round the kids and earn at the same time.  22 years later, the kids are grown, we’ve got 5 grandchildren and I’m the top Distributor in the company - who’d have thought it!  My wife and kids have always helped me in running my Betterware business through the years and my oldest grandson does it now too – it’s a family concern which has grown with us.  It’s simple enough - all you have to do is be patient, there are always ups and downs, be completely organised and work hard.  I’m an ordinary chap and I’ve been running my own successful business for all these years.  I’d definitely say try it, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.”

Billy + Cath Hegarty
Distributor for 22 years

"I was a courier for 17 years but I wanted a change of career and decided to try Betterware.  I started as a part time Distributor and realized I could make a good wage and work hours that suited me instead of the usual 9 to 5 routine. I then chose the role of a TSA as I wanted to do it full time and work a bigger area, which meant greater earnings – and that’s what we all want at the end of the day.   It’s a tough job at times but I really enjoy being out and talking to people, and provided you put the work in, the benefits of flexibility of hours and money are here. Betterware really recognises and rewards people who work hard and as the top TSA in the company for several years I’ve enjoyed plenty of extra benefits like trips abroad, awards and big bonuses.  I would tell anyone to join Betterware.  Provided you work hard it’s a cracking career.”

Rab Barrie
TSA for 5 years

We are actively recruiting for three main roles across the UK, N. Ireland and the ROI.



Deliver/collect catalogues and manage and deliver customer orders. Work in your local area and earn 20% of all your sales.

More about being a Distributor

Territory Sales Agent

Territory Sales Agent

Deliver/collect catalogues and manage and deliver customer orders. Earn 30% of all your sales and work in a larger local area.

More about being a TSA



Recruit, train and manage your own catalogue Distribution team, to get the best possible sales and earnings from your area.

More about being a Coordinator

Please note: It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved