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Most of us would agree that we'd like a good balance between our work and home life, and the way you manage your time is the key to improving your lifestyle.

In 2013 we celebrate our 85th anniversary, and we think our greatest achievement through the decades is the opportunity we've offered men and women to improve their lifestyle and control their family's earnings by running their own Betterware business. It's totally flexible in terms of time, commitment and geographical location and there's no secret to how it works – the Betterware catalogue is our shop window, our sales teams distribute it directly to the public and the public browse and buy from it – it's as simple as that!

Our sales structure is a close-knit community of family businesses all pulling together and our success is built on the outstanding support we offer our fantastic independent sales teams of Distributors, Coordinators and Territory Sales Agents, together with the excellent personal service they offer (our) customers.