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Our Distributor Journeys

I joined to earn some extra money for my shoe and handbag pot! The good points are that I meet new people and in some cases have made friends, but you have to be prepared to work at times that suit your customers as well as yourself.
Cristina Balina

I joined as a part time Distributor in June, 2014 to help raise a bit of extra cash for my step-daughter and 6 months later I became a full time Coordinator! The trick is to really keep at it and build up your round so that customers know they can rely on you. Once they know you’re going to come back regularly they’re happy to order products.
Ian Hudson

I’ve been a full time Distributor for almost 23 years and I absolutely love it. I’m my own boss but have the support of a fantastic company behind me and I wouldn’t consider doing anything else. Work hard and the sky’s the limit – I’ve achieved over 1 million pounds in sales since I began, simply by delivering and collecting catalogues and providing a great service to my customers!
Paul Meehan

I needed to save some money for Christmas and became a Betterware Distributor – that was 20 years ago! I love meeting people and I know many of them look forward to seeing me, I’ve built a rapport with them through the years. Just be prepared to work hard and go out in all weathers is my advice.
Liz Dray

Our Coordinators' Experiences

My wife Julie was a Distributor and introduced me into the business over 17 years ago. Running my own Betterware business, a company which is an established and trusted household name, gave me the opportunity to build up my business and my earnings. I enjoy working in and around my local community and the flexibility of working hours that suit me allows me to continue with my other interests
Piero Milanese

I was a young mum with one child and the sole breadwinner for my family when I started my Betterware business. I had no idea at the time how it would develop and what a fantastic opportunity it really was. I take my business very seriously and I know my hard work pays off. I love my home, my holidays and buying nice things when I want them. I’m a grafter and I’m good with people - that’s the perfect combination for Betterware. I enjoy a fantastic lifestyle and I’d recommend it to anyone.
Fiona Brook

There are no bad things about having a Betterware business. You have an earning opportunity second to none, a fantastic career path if you want it and you’re given a business to run free of charge. I have the opportunity to be in total control of my income, great flexibility to work around my family, I meet different people from different backgrounds every day and I still feel supported and part of a team, which is one of the best.
Samantha Pimblott

I was on benefits prior to joining. I never thought then that I’d be supporting my family by running my own successful business, winning awards and preparing to attend a fabulous trip to Dubrovnik as an incentive winner. Our lives have certainly changed for the better!
Thomas Oliver

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