Recruitment Hotline: 0121 796 1151


Is there a set-up fee?

There are no hidden costs or set-up fees to join Betterware

Do you have to pay for catalogues?

No we will supply you with catalogues and stationery free of charge

Do you get charged or fined for not collecting all your catalogues?

There’s absolutely no charge, but why wouldn't you collect your catalogues and orders when that’s how you make your money?

How much commission do I get?

As a Distributor, you receive 20% of all your sales and we even pay you for orders placed online by customers if they are in your area!

How often do you get paid?

You will be paid weekly.

How do I get paid?

Your Coordinator(team leader) will pay you your money directly when you've delivered the products to your customers each week.

Am I self-employed or do I work for Betterware?

You will be self employed.

How old do you have to be to become a Distributor?

You have to be 16 or over to become a Betterware Distributor. If you are under 18 you will need the consent or a parent or guardian.

How much time does it take up? Do I have to work set hours?

This depends on you. The hours are completely flexible, but like everything else, the more time you invest, the better the returns. Most Distributors work a minimum of 8 – 10 hours a week and many work full time.

What area will I cover?

Most Distributors work in or very near to their own area, which is why it is so convenient for them. It all depends on where we have vacancies. Your Coordinator will discuss that with you.

How many catalogues will I be expected to deliver?

It depends on the size of the area you take on and the number of hours you agree to work.

Do I need a car?

Many Distributors don’t have a car as they work locally. However, if you take on an area away from your own (as some prefer to do) then it is convenient for you to have a car. It is certainly not essential.

What help and support is on offer?

You will be assigned a Coordinator who will be on hand to offer advice, training and support. You will also be given log on details for the Betterware Hub where you will find a wealth of information from other distributors to help you. You can also contact our Sales Support Team if you have any questions.

How much can I expect to earn on average?

This will depend on how much time and effort you invest. It will take time to build up your round and for customers to know that you can be relied on to deliver regularly. You can reasonably expect to earn from £40 - £200 a week (depending on the number of hours you give to your round).

I currently claim benefits; can I work for Betterware and still claim?

You certainly can. Please contact your local Job Centre or go to for full details of how much you can earn while still claiming benefits or receiving Tax Credits.

What benefits are there working for Betterware over some of the other Direct Selling Companies?

  • We have no joining fee
  • We supply catalogues and stationery free of charge
  • You will be assigned your own exclusive territory, which means you won’t be competing for business with any other Betterware agents
  • We don’t charge for your deliveries
  • We give full support and training, free of charge
  • We run additional Bonus and Incentives schemes
  • You will be joining a well loved and respected brand, established for over 85 years and an outstanding sales team of small, family run businesses.