Coordinator Information


The Betterware Coordinator role is a vital one in our Sale Force because they recruit, train and support our Distributors. This role is ideal for someone who is determined and enthusiastic about taking control of his or her own career. Being a Betterware Coordinator is perfect if you're a people person and are looking for a rewarding job with flexible hours to suit your lifestyle.

We offer a simple, tried and tested way to earn a living, and uniquely, we provide you with everything necessary to establish your business free of charge. That includes catalogues, stationery and your own exclusive territory, as well as giving you all the training and support you’ll ever need.

Our Co-ordinators earn 11.2% of their team’s total sales, so the more your team grows, the more you make. In addition we run various sales incentives throughout the year with prizes ranging from cars and cash to holidays.

Is it For You?

Our Co-ordinators come from all walks of life and a vast array of business backgrounds. Teachers, accountants, bus drivers, single parents, students, receptionists skilled and unskilled - you name it we've got it! The majority of them never thought they'd be running their own successful businesses but they were attracted to Betterware for the flexibility and control over their income it gives them. See what our Coordinators are saying about working for Betterware.

We like to say that you'll be in business for yourself but never by yourself, and we mean it. If you're not successful then we won't be either - it's a true partnership.

The Role of a Coordinator

You'll be recruiting and training a team of Distributors in order to get the best possible sales from your area.
You'll assign the areas you want your team to work in and supply them with the catalogues they need.
You'll keep in close contact with your Distribution team and support them in getting their catalogues out to customers - even if that means going out with them in the rain occasionally!
You'll process orders for your team online
We deliver the products to you and then you'll get them out to your Distributors so that they can deliver to their customers
You'll take your earnings from the money they collect, bank the remainder and complete the necessary paperwork.


Earn 11.2% of your teams total earnings – the more you grow your team the more you earn
The opportunity to increase your earnings through bonuses, rewards and incentives.
You will be provided with everything you need to run a successful business from your own home. Including free training, full support, help and advice, free catalogues, free promotional stationery and material.
A fantastic opportunity to grow your own business
Build your business around your lifestyle – puts you in control.
Opportunities to progress further and earn even more within our sales team structure.

You will need

You need a car, a computer/laptop and internet access
You need good organisational and people skills to recruit and consistently encourage and incentivise your team to deliver enough catalogues in order to get the best sales and earnings from your area
It's a full time role so you must be able to give your business your full commitment
You must have focus and a determination to succeed so that you can make the most of the opportunity you are given.

We are always looking to strengthen our Co-ordinator team in every area of the UK and Ireland or to fill vacancies as Co-ordinators move up the career ladder. Betterware celebrated its 85th Anniversary in 2013 thanks to the success of our fantastic Sales Team and we'd like you to share in our continued success.

Please Note: It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.